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Kairos is a new universe that is unique and original in every aspect,
born from the desire for experimentation and the curiosity
of the first son of Ancestral Time:


Masterbranch 01
Time as a hyperdimensional tree

The Great Ancestral Time.jpg

Before the creation of the universe, Time was something completely different for our threedimensional mind. This time is a concept that extends far beyond the confines of modern science and is an aggregate of innumerable concepts and dimensions that will give life to very different realities. one of these will be KAIROS.

Pre-creation Time, in some cases also identified as GOD, is not just the union of events that we perceive as human time or universal time, but it goes much further, encompassing other functions itself.

When his children explode they expand to give rise to multiple universes.

the son Movimento created our universe and KAIROS.

In this vision Pre-creation Time has a tree structure, we can see it as a three-dimensional tree but clearly, it would only be an extreme simplification as it would be like a HYPERdimensional tree,  extended into many more dimensions (degrees of freedom), in which each branch corresponds to a son of time and therefore to a single reality.


The central theme, the essence that existed even before the big bang, gave rise to its multidimensional branches which are the so-called "Sons of Time".

Each branch of the Primordial Time is responsible for creating a unique new and original reality. What we experienced was created by the branch MOVIMENTO. Still, there are billions of other ramifications that have created realities so weird, different, and complex that our brain cannot physically conceive them. Each child of time is connected with all their brothers by exploiting a sort of electromagnetic radiation extended to the temporal dimension that allows them instant and effective communication. Each child of time is their own goal and is responsible for his creation, for his reality. Finally, each child of time, based on his "behavior" is charged in parallel to "weave" a kind of temporal web by order of Primordial Time, no one knows the real reason.


The ramification of the son of THE Great Time has generated the reality that we know and that we experience every moment of our life. We perceive time as a constant and inevitable flow between past, present, and future, a linear and particularly questionable and relative concept. Each of us belongs to our own native time but at the same time, infinite instants of time coexist in the same “point” that is “visualized and activated” by Movement as if they were on a wheel. Movement is responsible for this linear temporal behavior (not bound to the line, it can also expand to other geometries, eg the circle) and makes sure that everything works correctly so that its reality can exist.

Each child of time, in principle, could not and should not be able to have initiative, that is, to be able to make their own decisions that could alter their reality.

There was, however, an exception regarding the son of the Time Movement, who acquired this extraordinary ability during the first primordial branch, before the Big Bang. This happened thanks to the selection of the branch. Since Movimento was the first child of the time to be born (first not in the sense in which we understand it), he underwent a silent change that was activated spontaneously.

movement decided to experiment to create a new reality derived from the primary one. He took a portion of the future and a portion of the past, excluded from the present, to make them collide. The result was the creation of a new divergent reality, a new universe in which different times and spaces were mixed.



This is Kairos.

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