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Welcome to Kairos' dedicated NFT portal.
This is the first branch of the great primordial tree: The mythology of Kairos.

The great origin story consists of five chapters, each corresponding to a series of illustrations. Below you will find the five series.

The first series is
"places of creation" and tells the story of Kairos' first melodies. Each subsequent series is unlocked with the sold-out of the previous one and each sold-out opens a chapter in the history of Kairos which will be made available to everyone in the form of .PDF

Click the available series and collect your favorite works!
- Every collector who has purchased at least two illustrations from the same series will receive an airdrop
- Every collector who has purchased one illustration for each series will receive a special airdrop when the fifth series is sold out!

NFT - T1_00001.png
NFT - T1_00002.png
NFT - T1_00003.png
NFT - T1_00004.png
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