The first-ever curated digital NFT art sale in Italy - ‘Dystopian Visions’ - debuts in Milan June 24 - 25, kicking off an online roll out where new NFT works are dropped twice per day June 25 - July 4 on SuperRare. Dystopian Visions is an online exhibition in the Arium Metaverse, one of the most interactive virtual environments designed for the display of digital art. Dystopian Visions, curated by Tabacchi and coordinated by Bruno Pitzalis (Crypto Art Expert at Cambi) will debut a selection of eighteen new works by emerging and established Italian crypto artists. Inspired by the growing “made in Italy” movement and grappling with themes linked to utopian and dystopian futures, the exhibition aims to reveal a cohesive statement on the present times of social distancing and ethereal communications.

“The world is changing. The artists perceived it first, understanding the dynamics of a constantly evolving movement, looking towards an interconnected system between art and technology, laying the foundations of what is now seen as a global movement called crypto art: a creed that unites the online community and the spirit of each artist in a single digital space, extremely real and visionary. Crypto art, which emerged as early as 2018 and partly launched by a small group of pioneering Italian artists of this movement, has exported our culture, traditions and talent internationally. Dystopian Visions brings together some of the leading exponents of the Italian crypto art movement, proposing a theme linked to a future vision of the world. A world governed by a subtle balance, in tension between a utopian and dystopian dualism that reaches our everyday life and binds it to an increasingly digitalized ecosystem.” - Serena Tabacchi, curator.

About Cambi: Casa d’Aste Cambi, active for more than twenty years with headquarters in Genoa and Milan and offices in Rome, Turin and London, Cambi is at the top of the auction market in Italy with a turnover tripled over the last five years . From antiques to design, from ancient paintings to modern and contemporary art, from jewelry to oriental art, there are 25 departments over which the auction house’s proposal is divided with over fifty sales a year, catalogs edited by a staff of qualified experts and auctions that alternate between the two offices in Genoa and Milan.




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The Bit Hall, la nuova galleria digitale ideata e realizzata da 150UP per dare spazio all’arte del futuro e ai suoi creatori, inaugura oggi con la mostra “Life, the Universe and Everything” di Elle Decor Italia e CEDIT-Ceramiche d'Italia, con la curatela di Maria Chiara Valacchi – guest editor della sezione Arte di elledecor.it.

“Life, the Universe and Everything è il nome del terzo romanzo della celebre serie di Douglas Adams Guida galattica per autostoppisti ed anche il nome scelto per racchiudere la prima mostra d'arte NFT a firma ElleDecor e CEDIT” spiega Valacchi. “Un progetto che mette in luce alcune delle migliori espressioni artistiche, immateriali e futuribili, realizzate con la tecnologia NFT. Una collettiva che ci accompagna alla scoperta di mondi impalpabili e realtà magmatiche, abitati da cyborg o personaggi provenienti da chissà quale era ancestrale, creati da alcuni tra i migliori artisti-professionisti italiani legati a questa nuova forma di arte digitale: Fabio Catapano, Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, Elia Pellegrini e Luca Viola, ci inducono verso una nuova pratica capace di codificare alfabeti mai sondati prima d’ora”. A questi artisti si affiancano le opere digitali realizzate appositamente per CEDIT, marchio del gruppo Florim votato alla sperimentazione e al design, che con questa partnership testimonia la sua volontà di promuovere la diffusione della cultura e dell'arte in tutte le sue forme, anche quelle più innovative e inesplorate.



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Corsi e Ricorsi: Figurative Art from Pre to Post Digital



On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, Finarte presents Corsi e Ricorsi: Figurative Art from Pre to Post Digital, a collaborative exhibition with Reasoned Art in an attempt to build a bridge between past, present, and future. The figurative artworks from the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries collected for the auction will communicate with each other and with a selection of digital works by six young Italian artists. Art remains Art. Regardless of its medium, historical period, or meaning. Curated by Samuele Menin and Edoardo Durante June 7th to June 10th. 9am-1pm / 2pm-7pm


A timeless journey, an interdimensional pilgrimage through areas and architectures of epic proportions: this is Places of Creations, the short film by Elia Pellegrini. The places depicted are the settings of the events of the Kairos universe designed by the artist. Each structure has a specific function and represents an actual gear that composes one big primordial machine, free from life and time dynamics that characterize living beings.




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Impossible Worlds



Discover “Impossible Worlds” exhibition, the second of a series curated by The Museum of Contemporary Digital Art. We are thrilled to welcome them into The Metaverse!



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